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Our History

CTVSH was established in October 1995 by Drs. Stephanie Beardsley, Stephen Kerpsack and Sharon Theisen. The three doctors completed their specialty residencies at the Ohio State University and returned home to Texas. The hospital was originally located in a 3000sq ft building in south Austin. At the start of the practice, there were more doctors than support staff. Everyone shared in the duties of answering the phones, caring for the patients and maintaining the hospital. As the practice grew, so did the support staff and the hospital.


ctvsh-bldng-saIn October 2000, the hospital moved to the present south location and functions out of a 12,000 sq ft building. Many of our team members (and clients) have been with us for years, watching the practice grow from that 3 doctor, 2 support staff practice to the present 14 doctor, 48 support staff hospital.

The hospital originally provided veterinary surgery and internal medicine services for our referring veterinarians, clients, and patients. In more recent years, specialty services in veterinary dermatology, neurology, ophthalmoolgy and rehabilitation and conditioning, have been added. We have added special diagnostic and treatment equipment such as CT Scanners, arthroscopy/ cystoscopy/ laparoscopy, and fluoroscopy to our original endoscopy, ultrasound, and digital x-rays services. We have the first veterinary MRI unit in Central Texas.


ctvsh-bldng-rrOur Round Rock location was opened on June 28, 2010. This location is a full service specialty hospital operating out of a brand new state-of-the art 13,000 sq ft building. The surrounding grounds offer a tranquil environment for owners to spend quality time with their sick family members. Several of our senior partners work out of this location along with new associates and team members. Together with CTVSH south, the Round Rock location works to maintain the CTVSH purpose and culture.