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301 Chisholm Trail
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by veterinarian referral

M-F 8a-6p | Sat 8a-12p (discharges only) 


Visitation Policy

For your peace of mind when your pet is hospitalized, we offer regular visiting hours in addition to daily progress reports provided by one of our staff members or doctors. You will be provided a written explanation of the visitation policy when your pet is admitted to the hospital. We will obtain the best number(s) to reach you for the daily progress reports and any other information needing to be discussed. Exceptions to the visitation policies must be discussed with your admitting CTVSH doctor, so please be sure to do so if needed. Unfortunately, we cannot allow visitations or phone calls after hours during the emergency clinic operations.

The doctors and support staff of the emergency hospital are dedicated to providing emergency care for pets that might come in and for your pet that is in the hospital. Please be assured that there is continual communication between the CTVSH staff and the Emergency Hospital staff regarding all of the CTVSH patients. Any problems or concerns that arise will be communicated to you directly by a CTVSH doctor.