Caring for those who mean the most to us is a task many of us take on gladly - especially if that "being" has no voice. When Mabel needed surgery I worried very much about the anesthesia, who it is that would care for her while she was in overnight recovery and many other fears that accompany caring for a loved one. Dr. Kerpsack and his staff made this event as positive as possible and, most importantly, got my bulldog back to me in a condition that exceeded my lofty expectations. If your best friend could talk I'm sure he or she would offer thanks knowing that they were cared for by those at CTVSH. Thanks - Allen B



December 23, 2010

Dear Dr. Kerpsack and Staff,

Last May I brought my wonderful nine-year-old border collie, Jas, into your office with a severed ACL. She had been a very active dog, loved playing in agility, and running in the park. I was heart-sick that those times were now in the past. If only she could once again walk on all four legs to the park I would have been delighted. You performed your TPLO procedure on Jas and her gradual return to an active life was truly astounding. Not only were we able to walk to the park together again, but she became able to run and play with our other border collie, Dixie. On November 28 we once again entered an agility show since she obviously wanted to participate. To my amazement, she successfully completed two runs which finished her requirements for championship certification in NADAC. She did it in her typical style with first place ribbons. This is a dream that I had decided was not to be. But thanks to your surgery and Jas’s spirit and skill, this goal was realized. She is now MACH and NACH Jasmine. Thank you for giving Jas full use of her leg.


William C. 


dsc_0393aWoody was brought to CTVSH when he was about 8 months old.  He had been rescued by Gold Ribbon Rescue from a shelter.  The foster mom noticed a "click" when he walked and immediately thought that his hips were popping.  Upon examination, Woody was found to have severe hip dysplasia.  He was adopted 1 week later by one of the surgeons at CTVSH.  Unfortunately, Woody started limping on his right front leg before his total hip replacement could be scheduled. .dsc_0402a

He as found to have OCD (a cartilage defect) of his shoulder.  Arthroscopic surgery was performed, he was rested post-operatively for 4 weeks, and then returned to normal on his front leg.  His total hip replacement was done a few months later, and Woody is now a very active, healthy, happy golden retriever.  He enjoys running and playing with his house mates, chasing the ball, and most of all swimming in the lake.  Woody is definitely a success case as he went from having difficulty getting up and down from a sitting position as a pup to now being able to go long and hard most of the day

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